Our environmental commitment

European Ecolabel in 2015 bis 2018, a member of Hotels au Naturel

Today, we place emphasis on sustainable development in the management of the hotel. This commitment has resulted in our belongingto the "Hotels au naturel" brand since 1999, which distinguishes hotel owners who value the natural and cultural heritage of their area as well as local products and know-how, and by obtaining The European Eco-label in 2015.

It is in this dynamic that we have gradually developed the hotel to reduce as much as possible our impact on the environment. Here are some examples of the measures we have put implemented

- We have installed in all rooms water savers

- Our bathrooms are equipped with shampoo / shower gel dispensers to limit the individual packaging and therefore our waste

- Corridors are equipped with mouvement detectors for lighting

- Maintenance products are ecological or Ecolabel certified

- We only change the towels and sheets on customer request in order to save water and detergent

- Nous gardons la papier imprimé, les feuilles de journaux, pour imprimer ou écrire au verso- We keep the printed paper, sheets of newspapers, to print or write on the reverse side

- We have set up a selective sorting system for the recovery of our waste

- We have a cardboard press to reduce the mass and then we hand it to a carton recycling company

 - The hens and Peanut, the pig, feast on the remains of vegetables, potatoes and fruit

- Our swimming pool works on solar heating

- We propose regional products

- We have a service area for camping cars with a terminal for water, electricity and water drainage

- We have set up charging stations for electric cars including TESLA

We invite you to participate in our process by simple non-restritive actions:

- Stop heating or cooling if you open a window

- Turn off the lights and TV when you leave your room

- Rational use of water in the bathroom

- Leave only towels to be washed on the floor

- Report any water leaks

- Dispose of used batteries at the reception in the box provided

- Leave cans, glass or plastic bottles on the desktop

- Do not throw anything into the toilet, use the dustbin

?Thank you for contributing with us to the protection of the environment?

around the hotel